Small Group Coaching

The Stivers Strength small group program provides an effective balance of individualized coaching and the enjoyment of working in a group. Training sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs, working around specific issues and towards specific goals, using a blend of barbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight training as appropriate. Sessions are focused on strength training, but include a dynamic warmup and cardio conditioning component.

Small Group Coaching Schedule
Monday: 6:30am | 9am | 12pm | 5-8pm
Tuesday: 5-8pm
Wednesday: 6:30am | 12pm | 5-8pm
Thursday: 9am | 5-8pm
Friday: 6:30am | 12pm | 6pm
Saturday: 9-11am

Personal Training

Personal training is a great option for new members or people that require more attention during their training. Clients with increased limitations or restrictions often feel more comfortable beginning their time at Stivers Strength with personal training sessions. For individuals requiring more in-depth technique instruction, such as breathing and bracing protocols, movement assessments, or Olympic weightlifting, a few personal training sessions are appropriate before they should join small group training sessions.

Training Over 50

Strength training provides increased functionality and quality of life as we age. Strength training increases muscle mass and bone density while also creating balance and mobility. Whether you’d like to stay competitive at a chosen hobby like golf or tennis or you’d like to retain your youthful vigor, strength training is the best way to keep yourself strong and capable. Not only does training help to keep those extra pounds from accumulating, but its many benefits include improved quality of sleep, energy levels, and overall outlook on life. Strong, fit, and healthy individuals stay functional and out of assisted living homes much longer than their sedentary counterparts.

Strongman/Strongwoman Training

The emphasis on Strongman training is the culmination of years of searching for the type of fitness that would create a strong, lean, and capable body. Not only do the demands of Strongman facilitate increases in strength and conditioning levels, but the training is downright FUN. The type of fitness it offers carries over to many other endeavors you might encounter in life. In Strongman, we lift, carry, load and move multiple types of bars and implements, which keeps training fun and engaging. One of the biggest determinants of seeing results with training is consistency. It is much easier to stay consistent with your training if you enjoy it and Strongmen training is most certainly enjoyable.

At Stivers Strength, we have all the implements and coaching you would need to be successful in Strongman and Strongwoman competitions. As a Strongman competitor himself, Nathan Stivers is passionate about providing an environment where others can experience the benefits and fun of Strongman training.

Contact us for strongman/strongwoman training times.

Training for Athletes

Stivers Strength Athletes will receive individualized training in a small group setting that targets all areas of performance enhancement. Each session includes dedicated time for improvement in mobility and flexibility and age appropriate strength and power development. Each athlete will be evaluated for current abilities in movement, strength, and flexibility. Training is designed to improve these markers and prioritize the most important needs of the athlete.

Athletes will experience an environment that is comprised of hard work, encouragement, fun, and team support. They are coached by experienced coaches who are passionate about sports performance and their athletes’ success both on and off the field.

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